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원격수업을 위한 최소 준비사항


실시간 양방향 원격수업을 위한
필수 구비 기기 및 조건

1   Webcam

UVCs (USB Device Class) are recommended to deal with installation.


  • Window XP or higher

  • Pentium 42.8Ghz or higher

  • Memory : 2GB or higher

  • VDSL or higher

  • For stable classes, instructors may be recommend to use wired rather than wireless.


Please use a headset with a microphone to reduce a sound quality

​온더라이브 강의자 화면 모습

1   Screen Setting and Streaming Control

2   Full View of Students

3   Microphone Setting and Voice Streaming Control

4   Subscreen On/Off

5   Screen Control for Subscreen

6   Chat and Sending Web link

7   Support for Classes

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